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Advanced Concrete Company was formed in 1987, by the owner & CEO, Robert J. Sullivan, Jr., a graduate of Spring Garden College in construction management. When Advanced Concrete Company was formed, the company was one of the only contractors in the Northeast area that provided “stamped concrete” as a service. Through out the years, Advanced Concrete Company expanded it’s services to the construction field.

The company began providing services such as, building construction, building homes, & commercial structures, and structural concrete. The company made it a priority to always stay abreast of new cutting edge techniques of decorative concrete.

Since 2008, Advanced Concrete Company decided to begin streamlining services. The company now specialized in decorative concrete and more customer focused work. Although, Advanced Concrete Company still provides many different facets of services in masonry and concrete, it’s “bread & butter” still remains stamped concrete. The owner said, “Since 2008, we have downsized our crews and improved our equipment.” “The company wants to give its customer’s a more personalized approach & pay more attention to the small details”.

As of now, Advanced Concrete Company employs up to eight employees & operates with seven trucks and a wide variety of excavation equipment. This equipment can tackle almost any type of job. The company’s specialized services in decorative/stamped concrete include textured concrete, acid staining and coloring. As of last year, Advanced Concrete Company dedicated much of its resources into forming a “re-seal team” that utilizes the latest technology products for sealer, striper and re-coloring. These technological products are producing re-seal jobs that look like new concrete for the company. Sullivan says, “The products they have on the market now did not exist when I started in concrete work.” “The results are unbelievable!”

After being in business for 28 years you would think things would be very routine. But, Advanced Concrete Company is known for continually improving their products & the quality of services to always ensure the best outcomes for their customers, says Rich Maley, Head of Sales & New Product Development.